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August Donors:

Cannon Valley Veterinary
Jo Odell
Elizabeth WIcks

In memory of Magi, pet cat of Nic & Shelby Patterson, by Linda & Dennis Patterson
In memory of LaVonne Emery by Lori Young
In Memory of Bobby Jo Brumbaugh:
Beverly Brumbaugh
MSS Services
Alan & Janet Belcher
Douglas and Patricia Kriesel
Timothy and Marian Briggs
Charles and Diane Kyte
Alyce Nelson
Wendy Smith and David Drentlaw
Don & Bebe Diehl
Nancy Johnson
Mary Kjell
Mr. and Mrs. Gene Thom
Donald and Cynthia Anderson
Lloyd and Mary Johnson

In memory of Karleen Adams by Kathy Vang
Julie & Steve Hansen in honor of Jake the Chocolate Lab
In honor of Dave and Mary’s wedding, by David Rezac

Sponsor Bow Wow Film Festival:
Heartland Animal Hospital-Faribault
Paddington’s  Feed and Seed
Harry Brown’s

Katharine Peterson
Terril Herbig
Randy and Charlene Erickson-Knox
Gary and Kimberly Midland
Gary Singer
Patricia Germann
Betty Raadt
Kristin Bell
Eric Peterson
Judity Dirks
Barbara Cleare
Jennifer Skluzacek
Loretta Keilen
Amanda Murphy
Gary & Jeanette Stromley
Karen Swoverland
Frank Majors
Anne Mayer
Cheryl Olson
Danette DeMann
Lisa Rosenbaum
Darylle Schultz
Wendy Smith
Cindy and Paul Book
Stephan Zweifel
Robert & Caren Sletten
Deborah Balzer
Deborah Jeurissen
Employees of Compeer Financial
Melissa Schiesser
Kenneth Abram
Priscilla Paton
Bruce Rippentrop
Linda Willgohs
Jeanette Nelson
Madeline Lambert
Paul and Sieglinde Greenberg
Lee Felicetta
Kari Christensen
Keith & Judith Covey
Greg and Patty Closser
Chuck and Don’s Northfield - Dog Wash Fundraiser
William and Nancy Child
Peggy Falcone
Kerry Hanson
Jonathan and Allison Jaranson
Wilfred Sturm
Gray Family Fund
Deb Bauer
Isabel Daly
Jean Leslie
Jamie Lindell
Lana Hammer
Jeanne Oleson
Janice  Rideout
Dale Talley
Bob & Nola Matheson
Gary & Penny Spillman
Craig Feathers & Amy Kolan

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