This application must be completed in full and approved by an adoption counselor before you may adopt an animal from the shelter. You must provide a proper carrier/kennel to take your adopted cat home. You must provide a collar and leash or kennel to take your adopted dog home. No animal will be allowed to leave the shelter without these items.
Important! Please read carefully!

All adoptions from PEHS are final; no money can be refunded if you return your adopted animal.

  • PEHS will make every effort to match you with a pet that will fit into your home, but we cannot be responsible for an animal's health or behavior once it is adopted.
  • Adopters agree not to declaw cats adopted from Prairies Edge Humane Society. 
  • If the animal is returned within two weeks of the adoption date, you will receive a certificate in the amount of your adoption fee good towards the adoption of another animal from us. This certificate will be good for 6 months.
  • If for any reason the animal cannot be kept, it must be returned to Prairie's Edge Humane Society unless written prior approval is received.
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Or submit your Pre-Adoption Application online, using the form below:
Home Phone
Name of the pet you are considering adopting
Secondary Number
Zip Code
Are you 21 years of age or older? Y/N
Have you adopted from this shelter before? If yes, what kind of pet did you adopt?
What is your housing situation? Please write one of the following options: House, Apartment, Condo, Trailer, Other:
When did you previously adopt from PEHS? (Please include Month and Year)
Do you own or rent?
Landlord's Name (if applicable):
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Does your homeowner's insurance have breed restrictions? If you do not know, you need to call your insurance company and ask:
Do you live alone? with parents? with a spouse? or with roommate(s)? List below:
Please list the ages of children living with you, or who visit frequently:
Are you adopting this animal for yourself? your children? as a gift? or another reason?
Please list the name, breed, age, and sex of any pets you now own:
Are these pets spayed/neutered?
Who is your regular veterinarian? (Include Name and Clinic)
What will happen to this pet when you go on vacation?
Would you like information about introducing a new pet into your household?
Do you have any questions or comments?
Where did you hear about us?
Are these pets up to date on their vaccinations?
By pressing the "Submit" button, I certify that the above information is true. I understand that false information may result in the nullification of this adoption. I authorize PEHS to verify information with my landlord and my veterinarian. Prairie's Edge Humane Society reserves the right to refuse any adoption. This application and the information given herein remain the property of prairie's edge Humane Society. I understand that no money will be refunded when I adopt an animal from Prairie's Edge Humane Society.